Jenelle Evans’s Ex-Fiancé Gary Head Calls Kim Kardashian a “Conceited Bitch”
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Jenelle Evans’s Ex-Fiancé Gary Head Calls Kim Kardashian a “Conceited Bitch”

It's been a while since we've checked in on the confederate flag loving southern gent known as Gary Head, but Jenelle Evans's ex-fiancé has definitely been living it up since his heyday as a tangential MTV star.

Gary's been keeping himself busy using the term "OOMF" 24/7 on Twitter and musing about his love for waking and baking, but the days of reality television aren't completely behind him.

Gary definitely keeps up with the wonderful world of Teen Mom 2, and also seems to keep up with the Kardashians — who are only slightly more famous than Jenelle and her co-stars.

Unfortunately, Gary has nothing but shade to throw at the Kardashian Klan, and particularly has it out for Kim and her forthcoming book of selfies.

"Kim K is releasing a book with no words & nothing but selfies," Gary tweeted on August 12. "You can get it for the low of $19.95. #ConcededBitch [sic]."

Woah, Gary. Way harsh. First of all, Kim's book is clearly worth forking over an Andrew Jackson (his face is on the $20 bill, FYI).

Second of all, it's basically an art project, so we should all be thankful that she isn't charging upwards of $100,000 per copy. And third of all, the term "conceited bitch" seems a bit extreme. Sure, Kim is lovably vain and self-obsessed, but we're pretty sure Gary's been known to take a selfie or two.

Do you think this ex-member of the Teen Mom mafia should keep his opinions to himself, or are you right there with him when it comes to Kim's book of selfies? Take to the comments!