Gary Head Flies Into Jealous Rage Over Jenelle’s New Boyfriend!
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Gary Head Flies Into Jealous Rage Over Jenelle’s New Boyfriend!

Have you heard the glorious news? Jenelle Evans is munchin' on a new bite of man-candy, which means her slew of infamous ex-boyfriends can go ahead and step to the left. Sure, Jenelle and her boo, Nathan Griffith, have only been dating for a hot second, but they've taken their love connection public and it looks like Jenelle's sexy-exy, Gary Head, has a major case of jealousy.

It all started when Jenelle tweeted "I've never had my exs get this EXTREMELY jealous of Nathan, this is soooo funny!" to which Gary responded "jealous!!! Lmfo. Yeah a guy with potential is with the village idiot. I can't watch."

Feel the burn, Nathan. Clearly Gary is upset — and the Twitter rage only gets more intense. Not only did Jenelle retaliate by insulting the size of Gary's man parts (oh no she did not), she told Gary that he has the "chest of an 80 yr old man." His response? To mock Jenelle's boob job. "least it's REAL & didn't cost me $5000," Gary tweeted.

Pshh, Jenelle's lovely lady lumps might not be "real," but they're all kinds of fierce. What is Gary thinking?!

Oh, and by the way — we've only highlighted the "Safe For Work" portions of this epic feud. Check out Jenelle and Gary's respective twitters for some truly A+ (by which we mean x-rated) insults.

Are you shocked by this dude's reaction to Jenelle's new boyfriend, or do you think he has the right to be upset? After all, Jenelley did insult his baby maker...

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06.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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