Jenelle Evans’s Ex Gary Head Hates Being Recognized From Teen Mom
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Jenelle Evans’s Ex Gary Head Hates Being Recognized From Teen Mom

Remember the good ol' days when Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was engaged to Gary Head? Those were simpler times. Of course, this happy couple's relationship crashed and burned (and then rose from the ashes like a phoenix... only to crash and burn again), but Gary definitely got his five minutes of fame.

Not only was Jenelle's relationship with Gary the subject of tabloid speculation, he was heavily featured on Teen Mom 2. Unfortunately, fans didn't get a great impression of Gary due to his alleged violent behavior, and he's having to deal with the less glamorous side of fame.

These days, Gary's just trying to live a normal life — but Teen Mom 2 is haunting him like Casper The Friendly Ghost.

"Is it bad that I literally freak out when I walk into large crowds at UNCW? I mean I want to be known for me. Not the guy on 'Teen Mom,'" Gary tweeted on September 23, adding "My GF @hfowla always tells me that nobody notices. But I see the random stares & I get really paranoid. I'm sorry, society has ruined me."

Way to ruin Gary, society. Think about what you've done. Although, is Gary really shocked that he gets recognized? After all, he did choose to date a famous reality star and was willingly featured on an MTV show….

Do you feel sorry for Gary? Hit the comments!

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09.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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