Gary Head Reacts to His Explosive Fight With Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2!
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Teen Mom

Gary Head Reacts to His Explosive Fight With Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2!

Sigh, young love. Jenelle Evans and Gary Head had so much promise back in ye olden days of Teen Mom 2 when they'd eat grits with a knife (sob, memories!), but then Jenelle found out that Gary slept with her best friend, Tori, just days before they started dating! Aaand, all hell broke loose.

Not only did Jenelle break up with her boo, but she threw all his belonging around the house in a deranged rage, punched him in the chest in an even more deranged rage, and then stormed off to her bedroom to sob uncontrollably into a body pillow.

This explosive Teen Mom 2 scene was more than a little tough to watch, but Gary's reaction? Surprising, to say the least. Instead of reflecting on his actions and explaining his side of the story, Gary took it to Twitter and mused, "Ok so I left when she told me to. All I can think at the end of that scene was 'damn my car looks good' haha f— it."

Ummm, we were too busy watching Jenelle bitch-slap Gary to notice his sweet wheels, but hey. At least boyfriend is looking on the bright side of things, right guys? And by the way, Jenelle and Gary did get back together after their explosive fight, only to get engaged and break up again. But spoiler alert: they are currently dating and happier than ever!

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