Gary Head’s New Brunette Girlfriend Revealed! (PHOTO)
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Teen Mom

Gary Head’s New Brunette Girlfriend Revealed! (PHOTO)

Did y'all hear the fantastic news? Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has a new man in her life, and it's not ex-fiancé Gary Head. Phew, right?! The 25-year-old former Marine who once pleaded guilty to assault is the last person on Jenelle's mind these days … plus, he's totally taken!

Believe it or not, Gary has found himself a lady friend by the name of Caroline Nicole. He's keeping the intimate details of their 'ship under wraps for the time being ("Don't wanna scare her off," he told a Twitter follower), but we've managed to uncover some vital info about this brunette beauty.

Gary Head’s New Brunette Girlfriend Revealed! (PHOTO)
Credit: Twitter    

A true Southern gal through and through, Caroline is addicted to BBQ-flavored chips (um, join the club), loves puppies and horses, and has a baby girl named Delaney. Oh, and Jesus is totally her homebody, which is perfect for Gary considering he recently rekindled his love for the big man upstairs.

"She's amazingly hot and she just held down a 3 hour conversation. I like where this is heading," Gary tweeted on May 30 after one of their first dates. "Going to sleep one happy guy tonight."

"Instead of giving massages I am receiving them. Finally, a WOMAN that knows how to put a smile on my face," he added.

Sigh, this is literally a match made in heaven. And by heaven we obviously mean North Carolina.

What do y'all think of Gary's new girlfriend? A step up from Jenelle or a downgrade? Dish it below.