Gary Shirley Discusses Condom Line in Unseen Clip of Teen Mom OG
Gary Shirley, Carol and Kristina Condoms
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Gary Shirley Discusses Condom Line in Unseen Clip of Teen Mom OG


As we all know, Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley is the gift that keeps on giving. Between his innovative experiments in chin-strappery and the fact that he coined his own catchphrase (it's Gary time!), this reality star is everything we could hope for and more — but he really took things up a notch by producing his own condom line.


In an unseen moment from this season of Teen Mom OG, Gary is shown sitting at a table casually organizing a giant pile of condoms. In other words, he's in his natural element! Then Gary's girlfriend, Kristina Anderson, comes in and is visibly horrified (which is to be expected).


“It's a baby preventer!” Gary happily explains. “I invented it!”


At this point, Gary's mom, Carol, wanders in to have a peep at what her son is up to, and she seems equally horrified. “Obviously you don't use them,” Kristina mockingly adds. Gary's response? “I don't need to.”


“I might sell some,” Gary continues as he demonstrates on camera how to effectively use a Gary condom by using a banana. “I wanna donate some. Obviously, it's publicity.”Obviously, it's amazing.


To see more of this flawless fellow's condom extravaganza and check out Amber Portwood's reaction, watch the full clip below.


Never change, Gary!

Source: MTV