Gary Shirley Romances New Crush!
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Gary Shirley Romances New Crush!

Teen Mom star and single father extraordinaire Gary Shirley just wants what everyone wants — to love someone who loves him back. This dude stepped up when his ex, Amber Portwood, got sent off to the clink for a 5-year sentence, leaving him as the sole caregiver for their adorable daughter Leah. While Ambs has been in jail with no one but Sugarfoot to keep her warm, Gary has focused his attention on being a good father, tending to his organic tomatoes, and gearing up to be a future Iron Chef (or at least a Sandra Lee).

All of this craziness hasn’t left a lot of time for romance, so we were surprised to learn that Gare-Bear was apparently seeing someone earlier this summer.

"Love everything my girlfriend does for me!" Gary tweeted on June 9, leaving us in suspense by not tagging the lucky lady. Since then, we haven't heard anything else, leading us to believe that Gary’s “girlfriend” may have just been a dream. Last time we checked, he was busy hoarding fireworks with the intention of "blowing s — t up" for the Fourth of July, and denying his underage daughter’s request for a beer (did you mean Pepsi, hun?), but apparently he’s on the prowl again.

After bidding the Twitterverse goodnight on July 28, Gary returned to the net to send a message to one very special lady.

“I want you to want me, I need you to need me ect.... @aprilthebowlby,” Gary pleaded, using classic ‘80s lyrics as his guide. Turns out Gary’s got a thing for actress April Bowlby, who is known for playing Stacy Barrett on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva and Kandi (Alan’s second wife) on the CBS hit Two and a Half Men.

Both Gary and April have experience with television and fame, so can see this as a match made in Teen Mom heaven (we already sent our “April Hearts Gary” shirts to the printers).

We didn’t see a reply from the lucky lady last night, but we’re sure she’s drafting her response to the hunky dad while still trying to play it cool. We were hopeful when Gary posted an Instagram video captioned “She loves me” on July 29, but turns out it was just an adorable video of Leah. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see if these two television stars are meant to be. If not, we’re next in line.

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07.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Melissa Gad
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