Is Gary Shirley Reading Amber Portwood’s Memoir?
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Is Gary Shirley Reading Amber Portwood’s Memoir?

Hands up if you're in the process of reading Amber Portwood's dramatic new memoir, Never Too Late? You're not alone, y'all. This Teen Mom star has eager fans running to their local bookstore, including her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley!

Is Gary Shirley Reading Amber Portwood’s Memoir?
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Gary and Amber are surprisingly on great terms now that Amber is out of jail and enjoying her sobriety, so you better believe he bought Amber's book. In fact, Ambs even signed a copy of it for him!

"Got my autographed copy of reading material!" Gary posted to Twitter along with a picture of his baby mama's musings.

Sigh, what a guy! Sure, we're still judging Gary for barely letting his daughter, Leah, visit her mom in jail (you have some explaining to do, dude!), but it's great to see him finally support his ex-girlfriend.

Is anyone else surprised that Gary's current gal pal is OK with her man reading a memoir by his famous ex? She must be pretty secure in their relationship!

In other news, we can only imagine how awkward it will be for Gary to read about himself in Never Too Late, but hopefully Amber painted a nice portrait of him. We assume there's an entire chapter devoted to his chin-strap, so good times!