Gasp! Maks May Not Return for DWTS Season 13
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Gasp! Maks May Not Return for DWTS Season 13

Damn you, John Travolta! This is your doing, isn’t it?

When John called Maksim Chmerkovskiy the best thing to happen to dance since himself, he probably put ideas in Maks’s head. Now the Dancing With the Stars pro might run off and try to be a JT-style movie star. Maybe. Maybe not. We’re worried.

AOL TV asked Maks if he’s coming back for DWTS Season 13, which should start this September, and he said, "I don't know. It takes a lot out of you. When you invest that much of you into something that's supposed to be just work you [can] get misinterpreted. I don't know [if I'm coming back]. We'll see. Right now, I'm drained."

At least that’s not a “no.”

Pros come and go all the time on DWTS. Derek Hough hinted that he would return this Fall, after taking off Season 12. Maks has been with DWTS since Season 2, but he did leave the show on Season 6. Still, Maks is a huge fan favorite — even when he keeps his clothes on.

Kirstie Alley isn’t helping. Maks’s Season 12 partner says Maks could have a bright future as an actor. "He's got good qualities," she said. "He's handsome, he's got a good voice, and he's funny. He's got other qualities...he's broody, he's deep. All the bad boy actors are like that. He could be a really great actor if he wanted to act."

Maks told AOL he’s planning to open a dance studio in the Los Angeles area. He already owns several studios in the New York/New Jersey area.

Here’s how he leaves the DWTS issue: "I have a great team of people behind me. They know how to make me do the right thing. It's going to be up to them." However, in the end, "I'll do what's right for me."

We wish you luck whatever you choose, Maks, but especially if you choose to stick around!

Source: AOL TV