Gemma Whelan on Theon\'s Incest-y Groping and Yara\'s Role on Game of Thrones
Gemma Whelan on Theon’s Incest-y Groping and Yara’s Role on Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones

Gemma Whelan on Theon’s Incest-y Groping and Yara’s Role on Game of Thrones


On Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 2: "The Nightlands" we were introduced to Yara, Theon's sea-hardened sister, who inexplicably let him grope her when he didn't know who she was. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara, discussed that scene, as well as what we can expect from Yara and her gruff father, Balon, in the future.

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Without sounding weird, I just relish this kind of really weird story line," Gemma said of Yara's um, interesting introduction. "Shes just completely duplicitous and manipulative. I kind of had a lot of respect for [Yara] and what she was up to." Adding that her reaction to figuring out Yara's lie was "Holy crap! You are kidding! My God, thats amazing!"

As for the future of Yara, we can certainly expect to see more Greyjoy family tensions. "[Balon] thinks of me as a son," she explained. "He likes me best for sure were just kind of nasty to Theon really."

And it might not just be Theon who suffers from the Iron Island's hard ways. We lay some plans out, cause hes obviously come back to try and convince us that we need to go to war with the Starks but Balon will only do it his way, so hes made plans of his own."

Given that Balon has rebelled in the past, we're worried that his own plans won't be nearly as good for Westeros as one would hope.

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Source: Access Hollywood

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