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George Clooney Is Engaged! 14 Ex-Flames, One Beloved Pig (PHOTOS)

After decades of brief relationships in the public eye, ;Gravity ;star ;George Clooney was well on his way to becoming synonymous with “eligible bachelor”... until now. We're still getting over that someone ;finally got George to put a ring on it, especially since rumor has it that his unwillingness to marry has put a crimp in some previous relationships. Plus, the 52-year-old ;has one of the most notorious lists of ex-flames in Hollywood!

In honor of George's engagement to 32-year-old lawyer Amal Amaddin ;— her office even ;confirmed it ;— here's a collection of George's exes, including the only previous Mrs. Clooney. ;No list can be entirely comprehensive, but we made a gallery of some of the more prominent prospects in George’s dating life since the 80s. Of course, many more have been rumored to have been involved with the star, but if we mentioned every woman he ever touched we'd be here all night. ;He is George freaking Clooney.

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