George Clooney Gets Protection For His Lake Como House — Is The Wedding This Summer? (VIDEO)
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George Clooney Gets Protection For His Lake Como House — Is The Wedding This Summer? (VIDEO)

Guys, it’s all happening! George Clooney’s wedding to Amal Alamuddin could be set for this summer, if the new protection laws that George was just awarded is any sign of the couple’s prep for their impending nuptials.

According to Us Weekly, Italy’s Laglio Council has granted George two protection laws over the weekend that will keep trespassers off of the property George owns in Lake Como — lest they suffer hefty fines — from now until September 30.

We already had a feeling George would be getting married in Italy. When his aunt revealed that she’s expecting him to choose Brad Pitt as his best man, she also let it slip that George’s parents were visiting Italy, supposedly to scout locations. Could he have decided to marry at his home to keep things simple (and private)?

The laws are designed to prohibit anyone from stopping on the road outside his house and the water the house is on, and if anyone is caught in the water, they could be hit with a fine of as much as 500 Euros, which is about $680 in American money. Yikes!

“We have never penalized anyone in the past,” Laglio mayor Roberto Polizzi says. “This type of action is designed to bring about a change in people’s behavior and create a more peaceful environment. We have to guarantee privacy and security for George Clooney and his guests.” What Georgie wants, Georgie gets — and how could anyone deny that face? Here’s hoping his wedding will go off without a hitch… and that he’s already signed a deal with People to share all the pics with us.

Source: Us Weekly