George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Spend July 4 Apart, Not Seen Together in Months
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George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Spend July 4 Apart, Not Seen Together in Months

UPDATE: How 'bout that. Just one day after this story, Stacy and George broke up, with a source telling People Stacy was the one to dump him.

Original story:

Here we go again!

Every month or so, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler end up back in a headline with a split rumor. Sorry! But still, is this a "where there's smoke there's fire" situation or are people reading too much into everything because Clooney has a rep for switching out his girlfriends? He has been with Stacy for two years now.

• There was this rumor last September that they were about to release a breakup statement. Obviously that didn't happen since they were still very much a couple at the 2013 Oscars.

• But after the Oscars, there was this rumor in March that "the end is near," since they have "little in common." (After that rumor, George and Stacy were photographed together in Berlin.)

• Then there was this cheating/hand-holding rumor that Clooney angrily shot down in late May.

• And now the rumors are back, since George and Stacy reportedly spent Fourth of July weekend 6,000 miles apart.

In Touch Weekly says George was in his speedboat in Lake Como, Italy, and Stacy enjoyed the weekend with friends in Malibu. (She posted this cute photo with a male friend, marked July 3.) In Touch quoted the Mirror of the UK, which said Stacy and George haven't been seen together in public in three months. Some source told the Mirror that George is "quietly backing away from the relationship," as he always does when he feels a woman is getting too close.

It's not like they owe the world public sightings every so often, and just because a couple is dating doesn't mean they have to be joined at the hip. Still, if we were Stacy, we'd be pushing for a summer trip to Lake Como. It's one of the main perks of dating Clooney!

Since these two have made it through two years of rumors just like this, it's possible they'll be able to keep going for several more years. But maybe he should go ahead and propose to her, just to really shut up all the split rumors.

Source: In Touch Weekly