Game of Thrones: George R. R. Martin Thanks Book Fans for Not Spoiling the Red Wedding
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: George R. R. Martin Thanks Book Fans for Not Spoiling the Red Wedding

Anyone who watched the horrific Red Wedding scene from Game of Thrones Season 3 knows what an emotional kick to the gut it was, and we can thank readers of A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series GoT is based on, for leaving us in the dark about the horror that was to come.

One person who’s glad that ASOIAF readers left the scene unspoiled for the television watching masses is series author George R. R. Martin, who tells the Brisbane Times, “I have to say I’m very proud of my book readers... For the most part they’ve done an excellent job of not spoiling the non-readers. I mean, the fact that the Red Wedding had such a tremendous impact all around the world is a testament not only to what a great job David Benioff and Dan Weiss and the cast of Game of Thrones did in rendering the Red Wedding, but it’s also a tribute to all of my book readers who knew what was gonna happen but deliberately withheld that information, did not spoil their friends and relatives.”

Yes, thanks for leaving us all woefully unprepared for nonstop crying and screaming at our televisions until we were hoarse.

Martin goes on to discuss some of his more industrious fans, “Some of them, mind you, set up cameras to capture the grief, rage, and shock of their friends and relatives, which is a whole ‘nother issue to discuss, but they didn’t spoil it, so I give them that and I congratulate them on that because these are experiences you should have as a virgin, so to speak.”

So now that we’ve all lost our Game of Thrones virginity, that must mean that watching the show is going to be clear sailing from now on, with no more horrific plot twists that cause us to wolf down an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s in three minutes flat, right?


Source: Brisbane Times