Get Off My Yacht! Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 7
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The Bachelor

Get Off My Yacht! Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 7

The Bachelor is full of sensationally uncomfortable (yet hilarious) moments. We present to you our top cringe-worthy picks from Season 15, Episode 7. Let the good times roll... right into Awkwards-ville:

4. Please don’t walk out … or slap me
Wishy-washy Brad Womack is attracted to strong, manipulative women. This is made most obvious on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue group date from hell. First of all, the three neediest women of the season are chosen for the date. They are woken up before the crack of dawn and forced to compete half-naked for Brad’s attention. If that isn’t a recipe for “run for your life!” we don’t know what is. Then Brad makes his biggest mistake yet: making out with Michelle Money during her photo shoot while Chantal O’Brien and Ashley Hebert seethe from the sidelines. He knows he’s in hot water and he’s incapable of fixing it — unless saying “please, can I talk to you?” and “can I be honest, here?” count as fixing things. (And they don’t.) The date leaves everyone irritated with Brad and Brad fearing that the women will walk out. He should be more worried that they’ll slap the heck out of him and run away with Bankie Banx.

3. Get off my yacht!
Is Britt Billmaier the one who dumped Brad? Rumor has it she wanted to leave and they filmed the whole yacht breakup scene just to have some closure. Either way, there’s no chemistry between Brad and Britt. They have nothing to talk about on their one and only date, and — the death knell — Brad doesn’t want to grab her and suck her face. But even so, to dump her right on the yacht is pretty harsh. We have to watch her make a pitch for more time — at least enough time to finish her dinner, which is just sitting there. (Does Britt eat or do chefs only cook?) But Brad must’ve really wanted that yacht all to himself, ‘cause Britt jumps ship.

2. No, I’m just here to pack
The most awkward part of Britt’s abrupt dumping is how she has to face the women back at the house. They act like they’re happy to see her and, oh, she must’ve had such a fun time! Britt has to interrupt them and say no, she’s just there to pack. They stalk her into her bedroom area, like vultures hoping for scraps of embarrassments to devour. It’s sick.

1. Michelle’s silent night
Michelle is not exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to sharing her opinions — with Brad, with the other women, and with the cameras. So when she walks out in stony silence, it’s weird. Brad asks if he can hold her hand on the way out and she politely turns him down, then says nothing else. She lays down in the back of the limo and the camera just films her resting there. Did they edit out her comments? It’s hard to believe she would say nothing — or be allowed to say nothing. They are required to do exit interviews, so WTF?

02.18.2011 / 06:30 PM EST by Gina Carbone
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