Kim Zolciak Gets Botox…and Then Goes Camping! (VIDEO)
Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram    

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak Gets Botox…and Then Goes Camping! (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Kim Zolciak is one high-maintenance woman, but her recent camping trip with her family proves that she doesn’t just turn the glam on for cameras — it’s an everyday occurrence.

In a preview for the upcoming episode of Don’t Be Tardy, the mom of six decides to take some unorthodox measures before getting ready to experience the great outdoors.

While camping essentials for mere mortals include things like sunscreen, bug spray, and sleeping bags, for Kim, nothing less than a face full of Botox will suffice.

“I’m so excited to get my Botox. Don’t be stingy with the Botox,” Kim tells the doctor while an apprehensive Kroy Biermann looks on. “Give me everything you can!”

Of course, there’s nothing that complements a newly plumped face like some outdoor fun, so, shortly after Kim’s refreshed face is ready, it’s time to hit the woods.

Despite the rest of the family’s reticence to sleep outdoors in what Kroy describes as a black bear-infested area, it seems as though the Botox is doing its job for Kim — from the look of her face, you’d never know just how much she hates the idea.

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