GG Reveals She Slept With Jax — And Insinuates He Has a Large Manhood (VIDEOS)
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Shahs of Sunset

GG Reveals She Slept With Jax — And Insinuates He Has a Large Manhood (VIDEOS)

It's official: Vanderpump Rules hottie Jax Taylor and Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi have slept together. And apparently, GG likes what Jax is workin' with, if you get our drift. Uh, please say you get our drift, since that's as graphic as we want to get.

GG appears on Watch What Happens Live this week and is asked by Andy Cohen whether she and Jax have actually hooked up, as they were rumored to have done. GG explains that they have hooked up in the past, and then she mentions that she's single again now, which seems to imply that they might currently be at it again. Yowza!

When Andy says it sounds like they've had a one-night stand, GG corrects him. "It's been a couple nights of it," GG reveals.

Of course, Andy then wants to know what Jax is like in bed. "He's hot," GG says. "I mean, he has washboard abs. Everything works equivalent to the body. It's not like you get this [pantomimes his broad chest], and then you get this [pantomimes a small you-know-what]." So he's got a big package, is what she's trying to say? Interesting.

Andy then asks if Jax is a selfish lover. "No, he's not," GG says. "Not at all." Wow, this is getting dangerously close to TMI territory.

GG also says that Stassi Schroeder has asked Jax is he is indeed involved with GG. So GG says she was worried that she and Stassi would have a heated run-in, but GG says Stassi has been perfectly cordial to her. "But you know what? I'm sorry, I have your ex now," GG adds snarkily in reference to Stassi. Meow!

Are you surprised that GG and Jax have hooked up? And do you think it will become a real relationship?

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