Gia Allemand Suicide: Mother Blames Menstrual Cycle, Dad’s Abandonment
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Gia Allemand Suicide: Mother Blames Menstrual Cycle, Dad’s Abandonment

Ten minutes before Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star Gia Allemand hanged herself on August 12 — when she was on the phone with her mother, Donna Micheletti — she told her mom, "Tell my story, Mommy."

Donna talked about her daughter's life and death on Dr. Phil in an episode that aired on September 10, 2013 which is also World Suicide Prevention Day.

Gia would get into dark periods, Donna said. "She was, not depressed [but] sometimes when she was that time of the month, she'd get insecure and go to a dark spot and she'd feel like nobody cared and she would just snowball."

Gia Allemand Suicide: Mother Blames Menstrual Cycle, Dad’s Abandonment
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Donna would try to bring her back and say it's not true, that particular person does love you, etc., but Gia had a great fear of abandonment. Donna said Gia only got this dark maybe three times in her life, but this time was obviously the worst and it just blew Donna away that Gia would take her life while they were on the phone.

During that phone conversation, Gia told her mom, "I'm not happy, I can't go on with this anymore." Donna told Gia she'd be fine, that they would work through it like they always did. The talk took about half an hour, and during the call Gia booked a flight for her mom to visit her in New Orleans, because Gia had said she needed a hug. At the time, Donna didn't think anything of it, but later on, she felt Gia knew what she was going to do just moments later, and arranged the plane trip so her mother could be there after she passed.

"At that point that day, with how she felt with her menstrual cycle, she could not see clearly. And I knew that happened to her, and I was trying to talk to her and trying to be careful what I say ‘cause I didn't want to upset her more, and I was nervous." It was like she was walking a tightrope, Dr. Phil said. Donna said Gia's menstrual cycle changes would be "like night and day." Something would click in her head and she'd think "'This isn't right he doesn't love me, he's not this, he's not that' because of her insecurities inside herself."

Gia Allemand Suicide: Mother Blames Menstrual Cycle, Dad’s Abandonment
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Gia also seemed to have insecurity and abandonment issues tied to her father. They had a falling out right after Mother's Day and Gia was reportedly devastated. Gia's dad supposedly told her she was an “idiot,” saying, "you're no daughter of mine," adding not to call him on Father's Day. According to Gia's mom, "That was the beginning of the end." Donna thinks that the encounter ate Gia up, and after that she would pick on her boyfriend Ryan Anderson and looked at everything as a fight. Gia told her mother she was just so tired of being hurt, and she seemed sure Ryan was going to abandon her — but Donna said Ryan and Gia were actually headed toward an engagement.

After Gia's death, her father Eugene Allemand told the New York Daily News, "We had a fight on Mother’s Day and I said some things that I regret. I wish I could take them back, but it’s too late. If she were still here, I would I would tell her I’m so sorry and that I love her and that she will always be my rainbow.” But even though Eugene intended to apologize, Donna told Dr. Phil that his words didn’t make her feel better. "You took my baby."

The whole interview broke our hearts for Gia’s poor, grief-stricken mother. We can’t help but let our mind wander to that place: If only Gia had just waited for her mother to visit her, get that hug she wanted, and hear again how much she was loved and how much she still had to live for. If only.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255.

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