Atlanta’s Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twins: First in the U.S. in 26 Years! (VIDEO)
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Atlanta’s Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twins: First in the U.S. in 26 Years! (VIDEO)

Happy news, everyone! Lun Lun, a 15-year-old giant panda at the Atlanta Zoo, gave birth yesterday to not one, but two baby pandas! Twins, people!

The adorable little pink hairy sausages are still blind and won't open their eyes until they are about 6 to 8 weeks old, but they are tossing and turning, and the public can keep an eye out for the little ones on the live PandaCam.

According to Time, Lun Lun was artificially inseminated back in March and finally gave birth on Monday after a 90 minute labor. Having twins is not a rare occurrence for giant pandas, but it is very rare that both cubs survive. In nature, the mother is only prepared to care for one cub, so the other usually goes ignored and dies. At the zoo, the caregivers have decided to care for one panda while Lun Lun fulfills her motherly duties with the other. They will be regularly swapped out to each cub gets time with its mother, but only one at a time until they are weaned.

Since the cubs need several months to grow, open their eyes, and gain strength, they will not make their debut at the zoo until the fall. The zoo has also decided not to name them until that time as well. We hope they post a “Name Our Cubs” poll! We love those!

Also, take a look at the birth video below. It’s not explicit, just really beautiful. It’s also interesting to see how, after the birth of the second cub, Lun Lun scoops up the first and moves away from the new wriggling arrival.

Source: Time

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07.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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