Gigi Hadid Lets Her Nipples Show in Latest Racy Fashion Photos
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Gigi Hadid Lets Her Nipples Show in Latest Racy Fashion Photos

Some of you out there may not be super familiar with Gigi Hadid — is it nice under that rock? — but if you weren’t before, you’re definitely going to be now. Gigi left her headlights on during her recent shoot for CR Fashion Book (click here to see the pics), going braless under a (very) sheer white tee. Bold!

Of course, it’s not like the 19-year-old supermodel has anything to hide — and this definitely isn’t her first time getting a little risque for fashion. Gigi recently did a spread in V Magazine that showed WAY more of her breasts, and did a totally nude shoot for VMan not long before that. In short, we can’t really be shocked that she doesn’t mind showing off her boob bumps.

For those who can’t quite put their finger on where they know Gigi from, but are suddenly interested in seeing more of her for reasons totally unrelated to her breasts, don’t worry — we have answers. Gigi, you see, is the daughter of Yolanda Foster, former model and current star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Gigi’s made a couple appearances, but don’t expect to see her on the show much. She’s previously stated she doesn’t intend to follow in mom’s footsteps and take part in reality television. Bummer! Fortunately, Gigi is 2014’s It Model, so we’re definitely going to be seeing more of her.

What do you think of Gigi’s racy shoot? Would you want to see her on RHOBH? Sound off in the comments!

Source: E! Online