Gilles Marini’s Dancing With the Stars Advice: Smile, Nod, and Be “Politically Correct” About Judges’ Scores
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Dancing With The Stars

Gilles Marini’s Dancing With the Stars Advice: Smile, Nod, and Be “Politically Correct” About Judges’ Scores

Poor Gilles Marini. The French super-stud got so close to winning Dancing With the Stars Season 8 with Cheryl Burke and returned for a second round on All-Stars with Peta Murgatroyd. He knows the ways of DWTS, even if his incredible dancing was never rewarded with a trophy.

This season, Drew Carey is dancing with Cheryl, and Gilles shared advice for him with People, but added general advice when it comes to dealing with the judges. Long story short: Rein in your emotions.

"Smile and nod at everything they say," Gilles told People with a laugh. "Because if you say anything against them, then the public will never vote for you. It's a show where you have to be very politically correct, even if you feel like you want to say the real truth about what the judges have said." This is a lesson notoriously outspoken pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is learning on Season 18, recently admitting to On the Red Carpet that his mistake in the past was overreacting to things like judges’s scores.

Overall, Gilles suggests the DWTS celebs just follow this advice: "Go along with it, go along with it, don't say anything. And the next thing you know, it's over!" Just go with the flow and keep a big smile on your face the whole time. (This could be problematic for Sean Avery, who is smile-challenged.)

Do you think Gilles is right to suggest smiling, nodding, and just going with whatever happens, or do you like it when celebs stand up for themselves? You can earn a drama queen badge if you push for high scores all the time, but no one likes fakeness — and sometimes the judges deserve an “Are you serious?” face!

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: People

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