\'Gilmore Girls\' Netflix Revival: 11 Burning Questions
Gilmore Girls
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‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival: 11 Burning Questions


The best part about the upcoming Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is it means we have another chance to have our burning Stars Hollow questions answered. Because after seven seasons of watching Rory and Lorelai grow together, there's a lot we still want to know.

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Here are our 11 biggest questions that need to be answered when we revisit these girls and all their quirky companions in the reboot.

How is Emily dealing with Richard's death? This one is, sadly, prompted by real life. Edward Herrmann passed in late 2014, and we can't imagine the show not acknowledging that. So, we need to know: how is Emily holding up without the man that stood beside her through so much?

Is Rory still a journalist? We know Rory will do great things no matter what, but she's young. Plenty of people switch careers in their 20s. So: did she stick with journalism, or chose something else? If she did stay in the field, how's it going? Where's she living? Basically, we need to know more about her life, ASAP!

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Is Paris the best doctor ever?
We're still not really sure why Paris picked going to med school over law school — not gonna lie, that seemed to come out of left field — but we still assume she's going to kick butt at it. She's Paris freaking Geller! There is literally nothing she can't do. Well, other than chill.

Is Taylor still terrorizing the town? In general, we hope to check in on all our Stars Hollow faves. Are Kirk and Lulu still the perfect weirdos together? Is Miss Patty still teaching? Is Babette still Babette? Etc. etc.

How are Lane, Zack, and the Twins doing? We really want to see Rory’s best friend Lane as a mom now what her kids are getting older. Will she end up taking after her own strict mother more than she wants to? Does she swing totally in the other direction and let them do whatever they want? And what about Mrs. Kim as a grandmother? Does she suddenly get warm and indulgent? No matter what, we're imagining a lot of comedy.

What happened to Dave? Lane's first love, played by Adam Brody, will forever have a place in our hearts, even though they broke up after he moved to California to star on The O.C. go to college. We'd love an update.

What's up with Rory's love life? Did she ever reconnect with Jess? (Please, yes.) Logan? Is she with someone new? (Please, no. We don't want to spend a lot of time getting to know a new guy.) Is she happily single? Enquiring minds need to know badly.

Did Lorelai keep up the Friday dinners? In the finale, Lorelai decided to keep her standing Friday dinner date with her parents, a sign of how far they'd come since the pilot. Did this last? If not, how long did they keep it up? Did Luke ever join in on the fun?

Did Emily ever find a maid she liked? LOL JK of course she didn't.  

Did Luke and Lorelai live happily ever after?
The answer to this question better be yes, or what even is the point of any of this?

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What are those last four words? Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is on record saying there are four specific words she always imagined would end the show, but because she left before the final season, we never found out what they were. Hopefully, they still apply, because we need to know. This has been bugging us for eight years! 

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