\'Gilmore Girls\' Set Photo: Stars Hollow Is Back!
Gilmore Girls
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‘Gilmore Girls’ Set Photo: Stars Hollow Is Back!


We've been hearing the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is a done deal for months, but hasn't quite felt real — until now.

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Photos seemingly leaked from the new set show Stars Hollow back in action. While there is no official confirmation these pics are for the Netflix revival, it sure seems like they are.

These photos don't involve the cast at all, but just seeing the town again makes us smile. Here's a rundown of what they reveal:

Miss Patty's Studio Has a New Paint Job

Hey, it has been almost a decade, it was time for some freshening up. And we really dig that blue.

Kim's Antiques Is Back

In case you were worried we wouldn't be seeing Mrs. Kim, it looks like Lane's strict mom — or at least her store — will be making an appearance.

Is Luke Living With His Sister?

Finally, some people think this photo suggests Luke will be living with his sister, Liz, which would suggest he and Lorelai are not living together. Which would definitely make us worried about the state of their relationship after so many years.

However, there's no proof this pic is actually from the Gilmore Girls set — unlike in the photo above, nothing on this sign says the show's title — and we're thinking it's actually from a different WB show, One Big Happy, which involves characters named Lizzy and Luke sharing a house.

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We'll keep you updated as more details about the revival drop.