Happy Birthday, Ginnifer Goodwin! How Is She Celebrating? We Speculate — in GIFs!
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Once Upon a Time

Happy Birthday, Ginnifer Goodwin! How Is She Celebrating? We Speculate — in GIFs!

Once Upon a Time may be on summer hiatus, but we’re still thinking about our favorite characters every day. However, today, we’re solely focused on Snow White. Why? It’s portrayer Ginnifer Goodwin’s birthday, and obviously we’re celebrating her special day.

The gorgeous star turns 35 today, and though she’s probably just spending the day with her boyfriend (and co-star!) Josh Dallas, friends, and family, we have a day planned out for her, just in case.

Scroll through to see our imagined itinerary for Ginny, and then hit the comments with your birthday wishes!

A bird greets her in the morning

 photo bird_zps14509dfb.gif

She has coffee with Jennifer

 photo coffee_zps9988deb1.gif

Then relaxes with a book

 photo book_zps2bd22ac6.gif

She takes a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend

 photo boat_zps5e791f58.gif

And, of course, has some adorable one-on-one time, too!

 photo kiss_zps3a8e6cd0.gif

Her friends surprise her with a big party

 photo surprise_zps410951e9.gif

There’s plenty of cake

 photo cake_zps6996e9f2.gif

And though all of the attention makes her blush...

 photo blush_zps9e0f497d.gif

Ultimately, she’s really happy to have such a great birthday celebration

 photo wonderful_zpsd8c05cb1.gif

Even if a few gifts make her cry

 photo gifts_zps745a0a7f.gif

Happy birthday, Ginnifer! Hope your big day is as magical as Fairytale Land.

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