Girl Meets World Spoilers: Is Will Friedle Returning?! — UPDATE
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Girl Meets World Spoilers: Is Will Friedle Returning?! — UPDATE

UPDATE: Crush our dreams, why don't you, Eric Matthews! Actor Will Freidle has confirmed to Mashable that he will not be making reprising his role as Cory's goofy older brother, Eric, on Disney's new Boy Meets World spin-off. "I will only be involved in the show as a fan," he says. "I know rumors got around that I would be joining, but I have no plans to be on right now. Who knows what will happen — if there is a reunion show, I would go and be with everyone, but Ben [Savage] and Danielle [Fishel] will be great introducing it to a new audience."

But don't expect to see Eric (excuse us, Playswith Squirrels) on Girl Meets World. Sigh. Oh well. We guess someone else will have to step up and carry on the grand tradition of the Feeney Call.

Original story: This week's Ask Ausiello on TVLine only has two sentences about Girl Meets World, but they're doozies.

"Will Freidle is returning… maybe," dishes Michael Ausiello, "The Biggest Show in Disney Channel History is casting a cousin for new leading tween Riley, and the smart money is on Cory’s big brother Eric being the parent."

Girl Meets World Spoilers: Is Will Friedle Returning?! — UPDATE
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The smart money, indeed! It's possible that Cory's little sister Morgan had a child, if that were the case, the first question would be which Morgan would get the role! She was played by two different characters, and even disappeared for a few seasons. There is one more Matthews sibling, Joshua, but since he was born at the end of Boy Meets World, he wouldn't be much older than Cory's kids. And ifGMW holds true to season 2-7 lore, Topanga's an only child*.

It seems the most likely that the parent of the kid in question is totally being Eric Matthews, played by Will Friedle, and dude totally already knows where the set is, since he and Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) dropped by for a visit! Rider and Will both have Girl Meets World listed on their IMDb pages, but we don't have official confirmation that either of them will be on the show.

Do you think Eric has kids?! Are they as weird as he is? Remember, when we last left Eric, it was in a flash-forward episode where Eric changed his name to Playswith Squirrels...

*It's possible, although unlikely, that the parent of the cousin is Topanga's long-lost sister Nebula, but she hasn't been mentioned since Eric drooled all over her in Season 1.

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