Girl Thinks She’s a Nascar Driver After Wisdom Teeth Surgery
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Girl Thinks She’s a Nascar Driver After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

All I remember from my wisdom teeth surgery was demanding to be wheeled out of the dentist’s office in a wheelchair, even though I was totally able to walk, and scaring some lady next to us at a red light because I was bleeding all over my white ski jacket. While I really wish my mom would’ve recorded my exit, it couldn’t have been as epic as this girl’s.

Annie still has the cotton in her mouth, but she’s talking through it like a champ while walking and recording herself on her phone. She seems pretty well put together until she begins asserting that she is actually a Nascar driver who just got into an accident.

Annie starts out by treating her mom as a paparazzo, asking politely for “no close-ups.” Her mom wants to keep her daughter sane and insists that she’s not even old enough to be in Nascar yet. Annie can’t handle the truth in her very sensitive state and she begins to cry.

To keep her daughter’s spirits up until the medication wears off, Annie’s mom decides to appease her, agreeing with her that she’s number one, she’ll absolutely win the championship, and she does, in fact, have two tattoos on her hands — actually, those “tattoos” are just gauze balls covering the points where the needles went in to deliver the anesthetic.

This will be an interesting drive home, but before they go, someone needs to find this champ a helmet!

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09.27.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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