Juan Pablo Galavis Pal Says His Girlfriends “Do What He Wants”
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Pal Says His Girlfriends “Do What He Wants”

Can you believe it’s been so long since the Bachelor 2014 finale, when the show ended and Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell were unleashed on the world? But according to one of Juan Pablo’s friends, she’s pretty much under his thumb now, if his patterns continue.

Since the day they went public, they’ve been living their lives in “private” — albeit with plenty of photographers conveniently located to give fans a look at what their lives look like without the self-renewing rose supply. After the March 10 finale wrapped, Juan Pablo posted a pic of them outside the studio, captioned “We are FREE.”

They jetted off to Miami, where they had their first date on paper placemats with extra cheese sticks — delicious, but not exactly a helicopter ride in St. Lucia (oops, sorry Clare). Next, they wandered around an art show, kissing in very full view of the other attendees. Then, they headed off for the Dominican Republic for a wedding and vacay with Juan Pablo’s friends.

It all sounds good, right? Right. But an Us Weekly source says that while Nikki looked happy in all the pics, and supported her man on the tumultuous “After the Final Rose,” she may just be in a daze. His friends say that he has a way of making girls bend to his will. “Girls who date Juan do what he wants,” the Us source reveals.

Does that include taking a rose instead of a ring? Possibly, since it was pretty obvious that Nikki was hoping for a one-kneed question, rather than a wink and an “I like you A LOT” in the final Bachelor episode.

We’ve been a little concerned for Nikki, and reports claim that her friends are, too. One source said that they’re at odds over rumors that he cheated on her. Another claimed that friends were worried that Juan Pablo would break her heart — a worry that Nikki’s ex, Ryan McDill, repeated on the record.

So, what’s really going on with Nikki and Juan Pablo? Only they really know, and if this latest source is to be believed, it’s unlikely Nikki will say anything about it — unless Juan Pablo wants her to.

What do you think: is Nikki being complacent or is this total baloney?

Source: Us Weekly

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