Nikki Ferrell

This Girly Girl Grew Up to Be a Tough As Nails Reality Star: Who Is She?

What a pretty pink princess, eh? We probably have a thousand pics just like this one, childhood photos of rosier, more delicate days. It seems that this little lady, who grew up to be a controversial, super-tough reality star, didn’t have a problem just looking sweet as pie as a little girl.

In the shot, she appears to be sitting in a plastic swimming pool in a yard — possibly in her Missouri hometown? Perhaps it’s all that sunning and funning that helped her grow up to be an occasional swimsuit model in her current life.

But that modeling life isn’t what we know her best for. Rather, it’s her winning ways, “don’t mess with me” real talk, and not-so-popular boyfriend that has brought the lil gal into our lives. And though this zebra-print outfit is pretty freaking cute, the first time we saw her, she was wearing a gown and a stethoscope.

Why the latter? Well, it has a little something to do with the now-27-year-old’s job. Do you know who this girl is? Click through to see if you’re right!