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Gisele Bundchen Makes HOW MUCH Money a Day?! (VIDEO)

OK, friends. Time to roll out that “reasons why we’re jealous of Gisele Bundchen” list we keep stored away alongside the Megan Fox voodoo doll and Angelina Jolie shrine. We’ve got some new scoop on just how big a paycheck this sexy mama brings in and goodness, is it a lot of bacon.

Watch the video above to hear the exact figure but we’ll give you a small hint: We’re talking six figures. Sound pretty standard for a supermodel? Yeah, well that’s six figures a day. Yes, a day.

Splash News gets its astounding figure from Forbes magazine, which dug into Gisele’s various projects to uncover what kind of money this catwalking pro is making. She pulled in a jaw-dropping $47 million in the last 12 months, which breaks down to… well, watch the video to find out (or break out your calculator if you’re, you know, boring).

The buckets of money are all thanks to Gisele’s various (and very lucrative) gigs with the likes of H&M, Carolina Herrera, and Chanel. Plus, she’s got a jelly sandals line going with Grendene, a shoemaker in her home country of Brazil. Oh, and let’s not forget her work with Pantene, Oral-B, and Hope lingerie. Yep, Mama’s earned herself a new pair of shoes… gold-plated, diamond-encrusted, one-of-a-kind shoes.

How much do you think Gisele makes in a day? Make your guesses and then watch the video to see how close you got.

Source: Forbes

07.16.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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