Did Kim Zolciak Give Birth to Her Twins? KJ Biermann Is Ready!
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Kim Zolciak

Did Kim Zolciak Give Birth to Her Twins? KJ Biermann Is Ready!

The Biermann clan is getting more and more eager for the new babies to arrive, especially little KJ! You know how impatient toddlers can be, and KJ is no exception.

Kim Zolciak's little man took to Twitter to express his excitement about the twins.

"I'm so excited to be a big brother again!!! Hurry up mom, haven't they been cooking long enough?," KJ wrote, to which Kim replied, "soon hunni."

Wait a minute… KJ can type already? And he has his own Twitter account?

We're pretty sure Kim orchestrated the Twitter exchange, but it's still super cute, all the same.

Admittedly, we are also dying to get the happy news from Kim that she's done "cooking" her new babies. Kim and her hubby, Kroy Biermann, decided to be surprised this time around, so they don't even know yet if they are having two boys, two girls, or one of each. The suspense is killing us!

No matter what, we're sure that KJ will be an amazing big brother to his new siblings. And, like, Kim said, the lucky pair should be arriving any minute now. Kim is due to give birth this month, and she's certainly ready to be done with her long, challenging double pregnancy.

"Carrying 2 babies is a work out in itself I know twin mommies out there feel me @ this stage! Cant believe what the human body is capable of," Kim tweeted on November 15.

Hang in there, Kimmie!

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