Miley Cyrus’s Engagement Ring: Should She Give it Back to Liam Hemsworth? (POLL)
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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus’s Engagement Ring: Should She Give it Back to Liam Hemsworth? (POLL)

With reports flooding in that Miley Cyrus is keeping the ring from her and Liam's dearly departed engagement — some reports say that Liam told her to keep it — we're tempted to put on our Emily Post etiquette hats and make a judgement call. Is Miley entitled to keep that ring, or is she obligated to give it back?

If these two were just normal folks with a normal bank account, it would seem selfish of Miley to keep the ring. But according to reports about their prenup, Liam and Miley were worth $20 million and $130 million, respectively, as of 2012. With both of the stars' continued success, we'd guess that number has only increased. At that level, a $100k ring is just like a $100 ring to anyone else.

Then again, it's a little awkward to hang onto an engagement ring. Will that make things weird in future relationships? If Liam did tell Miley to keep it, will she feel obligated to hang onto it? Any gal with some expired ex-boyfriend jewelry can relate to that.

In California, whoever is the dumpee gets the ring, legally — although it might not be relevant in this case.

Emily Post says the ring should always be returned no matter what, for the record.

So what say you, Wetpaint readers? Should the ring go back to Liam? Should Miley keep it forever? Should she just get rid of it? Vote in our poll below, and elaborate in the comments!

Keep the ring, Miley! It's yours.

Give the ring back, Miley! It's weird.

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