Heather Morris in 2013: Glee Star’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories This Year
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Heather Morris

Heather Morris in 2013: Glee Star’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories This Year

We clearly wish we could have seen more of Heather Morris (Brittany) on Glee this year. However, Heather has had a very busy and exciting 2013, as she and boyfriend Taylor Hubbell welcomed their first child together! So we suppose that keeps you busy.

Let's take a closer look at the 10 stories about Heather that you all clicked on the most — and make sure to check out any that you may have missed. Plus, some stories need to be looked at again, like that baby pic!

1. Glee's Heather Morris Is Pregnant! — Report

We were completely thrilled when we first heard this joyous news!

2. Heather Morris Gives Birth to a Baby Boy — What’s His Name?

We must say, we adore the totally cute name that Heather and Taylor gave their son.

3. Heather Morris Baby Bump: She Sure Looks Pregnant! (PHOTO)

Remember how Heather looked just after she announced her pregnancy? Her bump certainly didn't stay that small!

4. Pregnant Heather Morris Baby Bump: Look How Big It’s Getting! (PHOTO)

There was no missing her bump here. And she still manages to look amazing in those shorts!

5. Heather Morris Pregnancy: Naya Rivera Reacts to On-screen Ex’s News

Didn't you just love Naya Rivera's (Santana) reaction when she heard that Heather was preggers?

Heather Morris in 2013: Glee Star’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories This Year
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images    

6. Lea Michele and “Super-Pregnant” Heather Morris at the Beyonce Concert!

Just because you're with child, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy Queen Bey, right? Plus, Heather and Beyonce go way back!

7. Heather Morris Baby Shower: Why No Lea Michele and Dianna Agron?

It's great that Naya attended Heather's baby shower, but not many other Glee stars were there. Why do you think that is?

8. Heather Morris and Boyfriend Taylor Hubbell: Adorable Pre-Pregnancy Photos!

These two are perfect together, whether it's before the baby or after!

9. Pregnant Heather Morris' Baby Bump: Did You Spot It In Glee’s Finale?

You definitely needed to be paying close attention to catch Heather's bump during the Season 4 finale — but it was there!

10. Glee Star Heather Morris' Baby Son, Elijah — First Photo!

All together now: Awwww!

Are you surprised by which stories about Heather were the most popular?

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