Naya Rivera in 2013: Glee Star’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories This Year
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Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera in 2013: Glee Star’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories This Year

There's no question that Glee star Naya Rivera (Santana) had a big so to speak! 2013. This included her engagement to boyfriend Big Sean, whom she wasn't even dating at this time last year. Sadly, she also dealt with the loss of Cory Monteith (Finn).

Let's take a look at the ten most-read stories about Naya from 2013 — and be sure to check out any of the stories below that you may have missed the first time around. Are you surprised by which stories were most popular? And let's hope 2014 brings wedding bells for Naya and Big Sean!

1. Cory Monteith Death: Co-star Naya Rivera Speaks Out

Naya had very moving remarks about Cory's tragic passing.

2. Heather Morris Pregnancy: Naya Rivera Reacts to On-screen Ex’s News

We love how much Naya and Heather Morris (Brittany) support each other, as proven when news broke about Heather's real-life pregnancy.

3. Naya Rivera’s Transformation: She’s Changed So Much Since Season 1!

Can you believe what Naya used to look like when Glee first started? Neither can we!

4. Glee Season 5: Is Naya Rivera's Santana Coming Back?

Thank goodness Santana came back for Season 5! Glee clearly wouldn't be Glee without her.

5. Naya Rivera’s Engagement Ring: See the Glee Star’s Huge Diamond (PHOTOS)

We're kinda surprised that this first look at Naya's engagement ring wasn't higher up on this list. Weird, right?

Naya Rivera in 2013: Glee Star’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories This Year
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6. Big Sean Confirms He's Dating Glee's Naya Rivera: "She's Tight"

Okay, so this might not be the most descriptive adjective he could have used. Still, it's clear that love was already in the air!

7. Naya Rivera Engaged to Big Sean!

This news totally took us by surprise, but we're nonetheless thrilled about it.

8. Pregnant Heather Morris's Baby Shower — With Naya Rivera (PHOTOS)

We love when these real-life besties hang out! In fact, you can almost taste those cupcakes.

9. Naya Rivera Gets Sexy as THIS Kids' TV Character for Halloween (PHOTO)

We can guarantee that you'll never think about this children's TV character the same way ever again.

10. Naya Rivera's Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunction — Oops! (PHOTO)

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to the best of us, as Naya proves here.