Glee Season 5 Finale: Where Was Naya Rivera and Will She Be Back?
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Naya Rivera

Glee Season 5 Finale: Where Was Naya Rivera and Will She Be Back?

The writers of the Glee Season 5 finale, “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project” wasted no time addressing Naya Rivera’s (Santana) mysterious absence from the hour.

Just a few weeks ago, reports surfaced that Naya and series star Lea Michele (Rachel) had gotten into a blowout fight on set. From there, that somehow started a whole melee involving the show’s producers, who then decided to fire Naya. A rep for the “Sorry” singer denied that she was given the boot (as did FOX in a later statement of their own). But the May 13 season finale came and went and Naya’s Santana was nowhere to be found, confirming that she had been written out of the season ender.

Heather Morris (Brittany) was in the finale, however, and she asked about Santana’s whereabouts in the episode’s first few minutes. So how did the writers choose to explain the absence of the sharp-tongued former Cheerio? “Oh she's shooting a Yeast-I-Stat commercial in Iowa for a week," Mercedes (Amber Riley) explained. "Apparently they have the best wheat fields to slow-motion run through.”

The reason for Santana’s absence may be amusing (and a little gross given the mention of wheat fields) but it doesn’t exactly bode well for her future on the show. It’s pretty clear that Naya likely pissed off the wrong person in whatever it was that went down a few weeks ago.

Still, like we stated above, FOX has said that Naya is still under contract at Glee and last night’s finale left the door open for her possible return. Kind of. Brit joined Mercedes as a backup dancer on her mall tour and Mercedes later mentioned that Santana would be meeting up with them at their next performance in Reno. It’s something the writers could easily get out of should Naya not be in Season 6, but it also keeps Santana tangentially involved in the Glee universe. Co-creator Ryan Murphy recently declared both Lea and Naya would be back for Season 6.

Perhaps the only upside of Season 6’s 2015 start is that it gives Naya, producers, and whoever else may or may not be involved in this rumored disagreement ample time to work through their differences.

Do you think we’ll see Naya/Santana in Season 6 come 2015? Share your thoughts and theories below!

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