Glee Spoiler: Will Karofsky and Kurt Reunite Again in Season 3?
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Glee Spoiler: Will Karofsky and Kurt Reunite Again in Season 3?

In the now-infamous fifth episode of season three, “The First Time,” we caught sight of our old pal Dave Karofsky ― ex McKinley student/reformed bully ― and missed his long, storied past with series fave Kurt! Don’t get us wrong, we love the Klaine, but with that ep’s subtle (err, not so subtle?) hint of trouble in paradise, we started to wonder if the grass would be greener elsewhere... and so did a whole mess of you (don’t worry Chris Colfer, is kinda sorta with ya)!

And while E! Online is reporting that Max Adler has yet to film any more scenes for future eps, they also warn against counting him out of the mix for the rest of the season! Hmmm... Might that mean another taste of Kurtofsky could be on the way? Even just another ― perhaps this time intentional ― meet-up at Scandals? (Excuse us, we’re prone to speculating wildly. Klaine has that sort of affect on us...)

Elsewhere in Lima, in the wake of last week’s big, spoilerific news, E! is saying all is now quiet on the Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) spoiler front, but predict the show’s post-mid-season hiatus return in January is gonna be a big one for the duo. Don’t you tease us, Ryan Murphy!

Source: E! Online