Glee Spoiler: Is Quinn Permanently Paralyzed?
Glee Spoiler: Is Quinn Permanently Paralyzed?
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Glee Spoiler: Is Quinn Permanently Paralyzed?


Back on Glee Season 3, Episode 15: "Big Brother," we finally got the question to the answer everyone’s been wondering. Did Quinn (Dianna Agron) survive her horrific car accident?

The answer? Thankfully, she did survive. The twist? She’s in a wheelchair!

But are Quinn’s injuries permanent like Artie’s (Kevin McHale) — or will she eventually regain the ability walk again?

As Quinn herself revealed during the episode, although her spine was severely compressed during the accident, and she will be wheelchair bound for a while, there is a very strong chance that she will make a full recovery. In fact, Quinn is so optimistic about her recovery that she hopes to be out of the chair and standing on stage by Nationals. Yet based on her conversation with Artie at the skate park, it appears that the truth might not quite as rosy as Quinn is trying to make it seem.

However, new information has come to light — and it appears that Quinn will be making a full recovery, after all! TooFab had sources on set at the filming of Glee's Season 3, Episode 21 Nationals competition on April 25, and they report that Quinn is out of her wheelchair and happily dancing with the rest of the New Directions on stage. We'll still have to wait until the episode airs on May 15 to be sure, but this new info certainly sounds promising to us!

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