Glee Spoilers! Wetpaint’s Updated Scoop on PaleyFest 2011

Scoop? You want scoop? Lucky for you, Glee is the gift that keeps on giving! There are just six episodes left to go in Season 2, and the cast and creators let loose a few choice details at PaleyFest on Wednesday, March 16 — both on stage and directly to Wetpaint — about what fans can expect as this season rolls to a close.

Glee Spoilers! Wetpaint’s Updated Scoop on PaleyFest 2011
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The “Rumours” Are True: The next major full-on tribute episode will focus on the songs from Fleetwood Mac’s phenomenal “Rumours” album — long considered one of the greatest rock recordings of all time. The track list includes the enduring classics “Don’t Stop,” “Dreams,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “The Chain,” and “You Make Loving Fun,” and let’s hope at least one McKinley-ite gets their Stevie Nicks on.

Sue’s League of Doom Strikes! Coach Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is assembling an evil alliance filled with folks who have major axes to grind with Will (Matthew Morrison) and the glee club: Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby (Cheyenne Jackson), ex-McKinley glee club director Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky), and — *shudder* — Terri Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig). “I have this Legion of Doom, and Terri's a part of it,” Jane Lynch told us. “And I kind of seek her on the glee club to destroy it. And she doesn't do much in that episode where I start my Legion of Doom. But then I turn to her and I say, 'It's your turn now.' And she's like, 'I'm on it.' Jessalyn is an amazing actress, and the nicest person in the world. Nobody does that put-out, spoiled, evil person like her. She's just the best, and I love it every time she does an episode.”

Matthew Morrison agreed: “I love her, and I feel bad because she's not on the show enough,” he told us. “I think people hate Terri so much, but they don’t realize that Jessalyn's just that good — she made you hate her.”

Meanwhile, Lynch thinks Sue’s recent losing streak will force her to stop with the violent outbursts and become even more manipulative. “She’s already gotten violent,” Jane said, “so I think she's probably going to have to go to a more nuanced tact and try something else. I think she's done throwing people around.”

It’s All About Nationals: Glee creator Ryan Murphy told us that the remainder of the season will focus squarely on the road to Nationals. “That's really our primary focus, this big national event where they finally get to face their big rivals once again,” said Murphy. “So that's a pretty big drive. I know Charice is coming back, but besides that I think we have enough talent.”

Producer Ian Brennan put a finer point on the return of Sunshine Corazon: “She's back just as sort of a preview, and then she'll weigh really heavily in the last two episodes,” he said. But whether she’s as sunny as her name suggests “remains to be seen.”

Chris Colfer (Kurt) told us he can’t wait for Charice’s guest spots: “I saw her the other day and she's so fun,” said Chris. “She's just so dry and sarcastic and giddy — I love her!”

A-Muse-Ment: Murphy calls guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly Holiday) and Kristin Chenoweth (April Rhodes) the “muses” of Glee, and guaranteed their return — including appearances in Season 3! Matt revealed that Paltrow “will be back [to shoot] next week. Whenever Will and Holly are together it's always hot!” Meanwhile, Chenoweth also makes a comeback before the end of the season — after her all-white production of The Wiz tanks. She’ll be warbling a Brad Falchuk-penned original song appropriately titled “It’s 10 AM and I’m Drunk.”

Crowning Glory: Murphy’s been promising us a prom sequence for a while now, and Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) obsessive campaign to land the title of Prom Queen with Finn at her side will culminate with McKinley’s celebratory dance. Cory Monteith told us Finn will stick along for her ride — for now: “I think prom is important to Finn because he's very interested in high school experience[s] and figuring girls out,“ Monteith said, though Quinn’s machinations may throw the quarterback for a loop. “She absolutely has ulterior motives, and so we've yet to see to what extent or to what lengths she will go — but I bet it's going to be pretty hard!”

Meanwhile, Kevin McHale (Artie) knows who he wants to win the crowns: “I think Brittany [Heather Morris] and I should win,” he dished to us. “We should be Prom King and Queen!”

Jenna Ushkowitz knows one thing about Tina’s prom plans: “She'll make a very big fashion statement if she goes, so I'm excited for that!”

And exactly who will provide the prom music? "I think the Warblers have to perform,” said Murphy.

Santittany? Now that Santana (Naya Rivera) has professed her lady-love for her fellow Cheerio, producer Brennan told us, “I think there will probably be a Brittany-and-Santana moment, which will be the major moment. We actually should be able to tie a lot of things together in that episode.” Falchuk clarified that, despite her bisexual dalliances and refusal to be labeled, “Santana's a lesbian. She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is — and that's sort of what we're going for.”

Murphy agreed it was important for the show to feature a lesbian character among its varied relationships: “It was like, ‘Let's include everybody,’ and we weren't including that,” he told us, “so we wanted to make sure that was included.”

One guy who still thinks the Brittany-Artie romance won’t be threatened by Santana’s declaration is Kevin. “Maybe Brittany's trying to let Santana down. I mean, that's coming from me — I'm not the best person to ask about that!”

Something to Sing About: The very first episode back (mark your calendars: April 19) is titled “Night of Neglect,” appropriately focusing on music from artists who might be flying a little low under the public’s radar. “There's going to be an Adele song!” Matt told us.

On the other end of the spectrum, another episode will spotlight Lady Gaga’s smash hit “Born This Way,” which will tie into the ongoing bullying plotline involving conflicted Dave Karofsky (Max Adler). “Ryan has mentioned before that 'Born This Way' would probably be used with Karofsky some way,” said Kevin. “I love that storyline, so I'm happy to see how that plays out in some way – if it gets any better.”

Jenna agreed: “It's a really, really cool episode because it kind of speaks for itself. It's the way we were born. And I think Glee is that kind of universal message of loving who you are, and loving the way you were.”

‘Ships That Pass in the Night: Glee ‘shippers will see plenty of relationship drama play out among their favorite pairings:

Wemma: “Throughout to the end of the season now are going to be a lot of Will and Emma [Jayma Mays] scenes,” promised Morrison of the ongoing tension between McKinley’s two hottest faculty members.

Finchel: “That's a very important central relationship to the show,” Cory said. “I think it's really important, but when that relationship will come back together again, I really don't know.”

Klaine: Chris Colfer expects “probably more kissing” between Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss), “or maybe they're in a very Victorian romance where they're only going to kiss. And maybe Kurt will show him his shoulder just gently. I think Kurt has a lot of learning to do. And hopefully there's something in those pamphlets that his dad gave him. Hopefully he's caught up so he can enjoy the new relationship.” The relationship may get tested when (and that’s when, not if) Kurt rejoins New Directions. “It's fairly soon, [and] I might not be taking my boyfriend with me,” said Colfer, although “he'd be a great accessory for Kurt at McKinley.”

— And finally, start prepping for a couple-y name-mashup for Mercedes (Amber Riley), who Murphy pledged will be getting a love interest…next season. Murphy said he’s been watching the auditions for Oxygen’s upcoming show-casting reality series “The Glee Project” and wondering, “How will that guy be with Amber Riley?”

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