Glee Spoilers: Will Kurt and Blaine Break Up Before Season 4?
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Glee Spoilers: Will Kurt and Blaine Break Up Before Season 4?

Graduation day on Glee is about more than just who will be returning next season and who won’t – it’s also a defining moment for a handful of ‘ships on the show that cross grade levels! Sure, Finchel can figure out their future because they’ll be exiting McKinley High together, but what about Brittana? What about KLAINE?!

We know with the confirmation that Chris Colfer will be returning for Season 4 that we’ll have Kurt Hummel around to keep us company as we venture into the “revolutionary,” unchartered territory of next season, but we have no idea what it’ll mean for his relationship with current junior Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). And new teases on their fate have us a wee bit nervous...

When asked, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello had only this to say of the fate of Klaine: “That question will be answered rather definitely in the season finale.”

E! Online added a bit more mystery, saying, “Just remember that Kurt and Blaine are not your average teenage couple, so it’s very possible that their post-high school relationship decision will reflect just that.”

Tell us that means they won’t just break up and take the easy way out like many-a graduating seniors do? Those words “rather definitely” make us feel like the answer to this question is EXTREME. Extreme like… they’re going to break up? Or extreme like… Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) will be singing at their wedding? Inquiring minds need to know!!!

UPDATE: TV Line is now reporting that Kurt will not break up with Blaine. Of course, they never said that Blaine would not break up with Kurt. And that nontraditional relationship decision is still very much an option. But we have to say, things do appear to be looking up.

TELL US: What’s your best guess?

Source: TVLine, E! Online

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