Is there any doubt that Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) would have impeccable taste when it comes to baby clothes, given her amazing wardrobe? We think not — and now she’s proving us right.

Lea was photographed after picking out three different baby outfits for the children’s fashion blog
Ladys & Gents, and each one represents its own personality. Lea is holding up one ensemble that we think would be perfect for a young Rachel, with a polka-dotted Fabkids sundress and bright yellow shoes. Love it!

Of her other two selections, one seems suited for a mini
Sugar, with a leopard-print coat and pink shades. And the other one would be right for a Puck-to-be, as it features our favorite item of the bunch: guitar-print trunks! We can actually see Cory Monteith (Finn) wearing an grown-up version of those. Or maybe we just can’t help picturing Cory in swimwear.

So now we’re wondering if Lea’s bang-up job at choosing these clothes means she might have babies on the brain. After all, there were rumors about Lea
wanting to pop out a little one after Cory got out of rehab. Could they be getting ready for a tyke of their own?

Actually, Lea faced
a flurry of pregancy rumors last fall, but those were quickly debunked. Ladys & Gents is co-run by Lea’s stylist, Estee Stanley, so that — and not some impeding baby fever — could be a simple explanation for her involvement with the site.

However, we haven’t been able to shake the thought of how precious a Lea-Cory baby would be (and that voice!), so we kinda hope they don’t wait too long. Plus, seeing their baby in that guitar-print print suit and leopard-print coat would be perfection.

Source: Ladys & Gents