Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Vanessa Lengies as Kasey in ABC's Mixology

If you’re already bummed that Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) and her crazy self won’t be back to Glee, we have some news that will help you cope: You can already check out a trailer for Vanessa’s new ABC sitcom, Mixology!

We have mixed feelings about Sugar’s departure from the show. As much as we loved her in New Directions
between her ridiculous quips and her kinda-sorta romance with Artie (Kevin McHale) we always felt that the show was wasting Vanessa’s talents, since she was rarely given much to do.

And now that we’ve gotten to see the three-minute promo for
Mixology, we’re realizing that Vanessa really does have star potential. She plays a sexy waitress named Kasey in the sitcom, with one season taking place over the course of a single night in a bar where a group of singletons look for love.

Vanessa has a few key scenes in the trailer, as we see her bluntly dumping a bartender. “It’s just, I’m a really positive person, and you’re, like, this black cloud of negativity that rains poison on everything and murders it,” she tells him. Well, that’s one way to move on.

Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

But it appears as though the bartender just isn’t that into her, as he calmly goes along with the break-up — and then reveals that he doesn’t actually know Kasey’s name. Ouch. Good thing Sugar and her self-diagnosed Asperger’s wasn’t there to give him a piece of her mind.

Mixology — from the writers of The Hangover — debuts this fall on ABC, and we can’t wait to watch. We’re rooting for ya, Vanessa!

Source: ABC Network on YouTube