“Adorkable” isn’t necessarily a word we typically associate with Glee star Cory Monteith (Finn) but that appears to a fitting description of his character in the new film All the Wrong Reasons.

The actor behind
Glee’s beloved former football jock took to Twitter and shared the poster for his newest film. Anyone else a bit surprised by how he looks? Between the striped tie and name badge, his hands in his pockets, and the hesitant expression on his face. Looks like he’s more of a square than his hunky-and-brooding Glee character is not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The film is a Canadian drama about “a store manager, a security guard, a firefighter and a clerk who struggle in the aftermath of trauma,” according to IMDb. Judging from the shopping cart on the poster, along with Cory’s clothes, we’re guessing he’s the supermarket manager.

This is a change of pace from the more take-charge characters Cory typically plays. Finn is a former star quarterback who loves performing onstage, while Cory’s character in the 2011 film Monte Carlo was an easy-going cowboy who would do anything for love.

Also starring in the new film is Gossip Girl star Kevin Zegers — but apparently not The OC’s Adam Brody. Adam had been reported to be co-starring but is no longer listed on the film’s IMDb page — which is slightly tragic, but we’re doing our best to cope.

We’re excited for Cory, who appears to be on the right track again after returning from rehab last month. Is it too early to buy our tickets?

Source: Cory Monteith’s TwitterIMDb