If it were up to us, Glee would have been renewed not just for two more seasons but for twenty more and that way, it would catch up with The Simpsons’ 24 seasons. (We’re gunning for you, Homer.) But it seems that not all of Glee’s cast members are as confident about its future as we are.

Matthew Morrison (Schue) tells the Boston Herald that Glee isn’t the same as it once was. “I don’t think it’s what it used to be [in] the first couple of seasons, but internationally it’s still one of the biggest shows around,” Matt admits.

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJA Photo: Matthew Morrison at Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on January 24, 2013

Does this mean he thought it might get canceled? Uh, yes and no. “I wasn’t surprised it was renewed, but I was surprised that they renewed the second year right away,” he continues. Semi-harsh words!

Matthew cites a few key reasons why Glee succeeds where other musical shows (we miss you already, Smash!) have failed. “There’s such a connection to these characters,” he says about Glee. “People truly love them.”

“And every now and then we tackle some really great issues,” Matthew continues. “This year, we did a school shooting. We’ve done teen pregnancy, being gay in high school. I think it’s great for families to watch the show together then have a conversation about the issues afterwards.” We agree, Matt!

But what are we to make of his somewhat ominous comments? In fact, it almost sounds like Matthew isn’t too excited to return for Season 6 — but let’s just hope that’s not the case.

Source: Boston Herald