Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When Glee’s Season 4 ended, Santana’s (Naya Rivera) love life was very much in transition, as she said a heartfelt goodbye to Brittany. (Come back to us, Brittana!) But in real life, Naya is happily dating rapper Big Sean and are they already thinking about marriage?

Naya tells Glow that she definitely wants to get hitched one of these days. “No matter what [anyone] says to you, every girl wants to get married,” she says. “Of course I want to get married! I think that it’d be the party of the century.” In other words, we’re guessing it would be more lavish than Schue and Emma’s wedding in the choir room.

Naya also provides insight into what she’s looking for in her perfect guy. “He’s really good looking,” Naya says, stating the obvious. “He’s talented. He’s nice. I don’t know. I like people that are kind. And people who like me.” But who doesn’t like Naya?

And she also reveals her favorite beauty secrets. “I love getting waxed, or getting tanned, getting my hair done, or laser hair removal — I’m obsessed with anything like that.” Uh, we’re not sure that we’ve ever heard someone say they’re obsessed with laser hair removal, but to each their own.

Source: Glow