When Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) booked a new comedy pilot, we worried that her days on Glee might be numbered. Then ABC officially picked up up her show, Mixology, and that seemed to seal it. There's no way an actress can film two TV shows at once. Vanessa is leaving Glee for good.

Or is she? TV Line recently caught up with the actress, and Vanessa revealed that she does have a tiny window of availability in her schedule that would allow her to wrap up Sugar’s storyline and offer a bit of closure.

Glee‘s going to start back at the end of July and Mixology starts filming the end of August, so there’s a window where Sugar can come back for a bit,” she tells the site.

Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

“Who knows what the schedule will look like later? It’s really not up to me. But if it was, I would love to do both. I love Glee so much. It’s such a fun opportunity for me to be crazy and weird.”

It’s worth noting that nothing has been set in stone yet. Just because Vanessa has availability in those months, that doesn’t mean Glee will ask her to return for an episode or two. After all, other characters have randomly disappeared between seasons, never to be seen again.

Still, it’s comforting knowing that there’s still a possibility Sugar could show up for an episode or two. Now, if only we had more definitive news on that OTHER Glee actress who's rumored to be leaving for good. We just want to know already!

Source: TV Line