Credit: Grant Gustin on Instagram

Barely a month ago, Glee’s Alex Newell (Unique) shaved his head. Now, another Glee co-star has gone done the same thing!

Credit: Grant Gustin on Instagram

Grant Gustin — Glee’s aka Warbler villain Sebastian — took to Twitter on June 22 to show off his new look. “My hair is all gone thanks to @michaelarden and I feel like a new man,” he tweeted. “Seriously.. I'm borderline bald. #summercut”

To illustrate just how drastic the change really was, Grant posted a photo on Instagram and added to the effect by making a slightly-unnerving facial expression.

Okay, so Grant really isn’t doing himself any favors with all that crazy eye, but honestly, we sort of love the new look. That said, we’ll always have a thing for Grant and his infamous “CW hair,” especially now that it really has been CW hair now.

Credit: Grant Gustin on Instagram

Sadly, the Twitterverse doesn’t exactly seem to be warming up to Grant’s “borderline bald” look. “Make fun all you want, internet,” he tweeted. “My head feels amazing and now my gimp arm doesn't have to worry about neglecting my hair. lerv youuuu.”

Later that day, Grant’s girlfriend, Hannah, posted an Instagram collage that showed off her BF’s new ‘do from a couple of different angles. And you know what? It looks a lot better without the crazy eyes.

So stop hating, Internetz! And just submit to the wonder of the post-CW hair. It might take a bit of getting used to, but we bet it’ll win you over in the end.

Source: Grant Gustin on Instagram