In case you missed the first set of photos, the stars of Glee are back to work for Season 5. Hooray! Well... hooray-ish. While most of the cast will be back this year, we just got hit with the shocking news that five original cast members won’t be back — with the exception of perhaps a few random episodes.

Now, a new photo from Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) shows the entire gang back together. Thankfully, two characters we thought might be gone are present and accounted for. But two very familiar faces are nowhere in sight. So what gives?

First of all, let’s start off with who is here. Lea’s boyfriend, Cory Monteith (Finn), is pretty hard to miss in the photo. That’s a relief, for sure. After Cory went to rehab in March, rumors swirled that he might be off the show. But FOX has said since the beginning that they couldn’t wait to welcome Cory back, and it looks like they meant it. Finn Hudson isn’t going anywhere!

Then there’s Blake Jenner, whose character, Ryder, quit the Glee club at the end of Season 4. Blake is definitely there in the group photo, which leads us to believe that he won’t be out of the Glee club for long.

Now onto who’s missing! Sadly, Heather Morris (Brittany) does not appear in the photos. Due Heather’s real-life pregnancy, she is one of the five cast members cut this season. As much as we want to be in denial about her departure, this photo makes it pretty hard to ignore: Brittany just won’t be around very much in Season 5.

Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for LISTEN UP Tour

This next one is more tricky. Darren Criss (Blaine) is nowhere to be found in the group shot! Now, before you start freaking out at the prospect of Glee without Blaine — Is that even possible? We feel like the world would actually end — actor Darren Criss is simply out traveling the nation on a summer concert tour. Most likely, he’ll shoot his photos later, and simply be photoshopped into the group shot.

Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) and Samuel Larsen (Joe) are also missing from the photo. So far, we’re not sure if they’ll be around this season. While it’s possible they might show up in a few episodes, they certainly won’t be full-time cast members.

So what do you think of Glee’s first official photos of Season 5? Are you bursting with excitement for what’s to come, or saddened by the loss of some of your favorites? Hit the comments below to sound off!

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter