Lea Michele (Rachel) is at it again! The Glee star can’t stop tweeting photos of her gorgeous, tan bikini body. You know what? We’re not complaining in the least.

Last weekend, Lea shared a photo of herself floating poolside wearing a teeny striped bikini. This weekend, she posted two more sexy poolside photos — this time from a much more exotic location.

On July 6, Lea tweeted, “Weekend getaway for @SwitchBH's bday! So excited! ☀” Based on some extensive Googling and Tumblr-ing, we’re fairly certain that @SwitchBH is Jennifer Cohen, a jewelry designer who opened L.A.’s Switch Boutique with her sister Julia in 2006.

Lea didn’t specify where exactly she and her girlfriends jetted off to, but it definitely appears to be tropical and sunny! At around noon the next day, Lea tweeted a photo of her (insanely tan) legs resting on a chair by the pool. “and I don't plan on moving all day...” she wrote.

That lasted about six hours. “I moved.. lol ☀ ” Lea wrote later that evening, sharing this super-hot bikini photo.

The Glee star’s head is covered by a giant hat, but that and the skin on her face are pretty much the only parts she’s covering. Lea’s sporting a bright blue bikini top, but she’s leaned over at an angle that doesn’t exactly do much to help her cover up. She’s not in wardrobe malfunction territory... but she’s getting pretty darn close!

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter