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When news of Cory Monteith’s shocking death first broke back on on July 13, a Glee fan named Christina Jones knew almost instantly how she could help honor his memory. Cory’s Glee character, Finn Hudson, once named a star to honor his Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). Christina wanted to do the same thing for Cory and Lea.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Christina Jones

The emotional Finn-Rachel moment happened during Glee Season 3, Episode 9: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas.” Finn’s Christmas present to his girlfriend was a star that he named with her in mind."You named a star after me?" Rachel asked.

"No, I thought about that but then I named it Finn Hudson,” Finn replied. “Because there is already a star called Rachel Berry, and she's right here on earth and she's brighter than any of those stars up there. So I wanted to make sure that whenever she feels lonely, she can look up at the sky and no matter where I am, she can know that I'm looking down on her."

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Christina Jones

On the day after Cory’s death, Christina posted an update on her Gleeks Tumblr, announcing that there is now officially a star named “Cory Monteith,” looking down on us from the in the Canes Venatici constellation. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with the U.K.-based Christina to hear what inspired this heartfelt project.

“After finding out about Cory’s passing, my blog Gleeks had a lot of messages from grieving fans and I felt kinda helpless,” Christina tells us. “I knew nothing I could say could ease their pain.”

“And I saw a photoset of the 'Finchel' star scene, and I just thought it was perfect. Letting people know that they could look up to the stars at night, and know that one of them was named after Cory, so they were never alone, just felt like the right thing to do. Rachel has her star and now Lea, Gleeks, Cory’s family and the Glee family have theirs.”

Over 150 Glee fans from the U.K., the  U.S., China, and across the world pitched in to raise the £169.99 ($260.99) needed to name the star. In fact, Christina raised all the money she needed in less than 20 minutes.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Christina Jones

Christina tells us she will always remember Cory for his compassion and love towards fans. “Cory was a hard working guy, he worked his way up to the top but never for a second forgot where he came from. He wasn't born into fame, he really worked for it, you know?” she says.

“That's why he's so special to so many people. He reminded us that if you work hard enough you can do whatever you want to.”

Honoring Cory by paying tribute to Finn’s gift for Rachel just seemed right to Christina. “I just think it was really lovely, I think the scene was so powerful is because it was so heartfelt and I just always get butterflies whilst watching it. Material things aren't always the best gifts — ones from the heart are.”

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