Naya Rivera (Santana) sure knows how to turn heads! The Glee star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel on July 30 wearing a unique look. Think part bikini beach day, part biker chick... with a whole lot of spray tan thrown in.

Sporting a deep and golden tan bound to make even the most dedicated summer beachgoer jealous, Naya stepped out on a sidewalk near Jimmy’s Hollywood studio wearing a nude, bikini-style crop top, a skintight black leather skirt, and shimmery gold heels.

Let’s not even talk about her abs. Do you see how ripped the girl is? Color. Us. Jealous.

The Glee star is host of Bud Light’s 50/50 — 50 concerts in 50 states — which she will be hosting nationwide (via Ustream) during Miguel's Los Angeles concert on August 1.

After chatting about the concert, Naya took a moment to snap a pic backstage with Jimmy’s musical guest, the Backstreet Boys. And yes, she got to put her hand around Nick Carter’s waist. That jealous thing we were talking about earlier? It’s flaring up again.

Had so much fun on Jimmy Kimmel last night. He's so cool!” she later tweeted. Naya returns to work filming Glee Season 5 this upcoming Monday, August 5. We can’t wait to see what is in store for Santana this year.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live on Twitter