Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

Well. This is interesting and heartening news in the wake of Cory Monteith’s (Finn) tragic and untimely death. While we can’t imagine how Lea Michele (Rachel) could even begin to recover from her on and off-screen Glee boyfriend’s death, it seems that she began processing the news in an unexpected place — Kate Hudson’s house!

Fans may recall that the two stars were reported to be, ahem, at odds with one another (to put it mildly) when Kate guest starred on Glee as NYADA nightmare dance teacher Cassandra July. Reports began to fly back in August 2012 that Kate couldn’t stand Lea, and that she said Lea “is a nightmare” to work with. And while Lea’s rep said she “had a great time with Kate,” doubts prevailed about the two divas making nice on set.

But if this new Us Weekly report is true, it seems that either initial reports were totally off-base, or things have changed. But before you go thinking Lea and Kate were cuddling up and watching chick flicks during the time Lea is said to have crashed at her house, it wasn’t quite that cozy. During the weeks Lea stayed in the 5.3 million dollar Los Angeles house, Kate was in London, filming a movie.

Post-mortem reports suggested that Cory was supposed to move in with Lea after he came back from Vancouver. We can certainly understand the need for Lea to get away from her place. With so many memories of Cory likely embedded in each room, it would be hard to see his stuff still there and know he was gone.

Source: Us Weekly